Pawan Kumar Singh

“Being a part of the National Rifle Association of India for more than a decade has given me an opportunity to observe the sport very closely. India has won maximum individual medals in this sport at the International Platform, which tells us that India has got immense talent.

The fact that the total number of shooters in India is less than .0002 % of the population is a challenge that needs to be overcome. GFG was established to bridge this gap and make shooting more accessible to the masses. GFG, with its Excellent Curriculum-based training and ample equipment support, make it possible for our students to reach the National level in less than a year of training and at a cost less than that of an Air Rifle.

In our journey since 2011, more than 35000 youngsters have been introduced to the sport and when I see that 70% of our National participants from Gun for Glory are below 21 years of age, I, without a doubt am truly confident that we are headed in the right direction… VISION 2024… 10 MEDALS INDIA SHOOTING.”

As a coach and now as an administrator, I have always concentrated on building strong basics. We give these kids a foundation that stands them in good stead, also helps them to graduate to the senior team at a faster rate.

“Pawan Kumar Singh
Jt. Secretary-General (National Rifle Association of India)
Co-Founder (GNSPF)”

ISSF “B” Judge Licence Holder